Why are the prices Net ?
For the company with a status : "auto-entreprises", the VAT is non applicable ("TVA non applicable - article 293 B du CGI"). Therefore, our prices on the e-commerce site are Net.

What does WFTO mean ?
The WFTO is an international Organisation of 350 associations working in the Fair Trade . With a presence in 70 countries, this organisation helps small member producers.

Do you have a loyalty program ?
Yes, from the first order, you can accumulate points at each purchase that will enable you to convert it into a cash voucher on your customer area.

Do you have a sponsorship program ?
Yes, after your first order, you can sponsor someone (limited to 1 person). Once the sponsored person will have past an order, both of you will have a cash voucher available in your respective customer area.

Do you have also a physical shop ?
No, we have only this e-commerce shop.

Do you have a facebook page?
Yes, the address of our facebook page is the following : @Pasheni

Is it possible to pay by check ?
Yes, the payment by cheque is possible. The information for the check are available during the payment process once the order is confirmed. The shipment will be launched once the check is received.

How can I contact you to get more details about your products ?
You can contact us via this formular  or on our Facebook page @Pasheni by using Messenger or in calling us : + 33 (0) 1 85 40 04 09.

How are the Kazuri products manufactured ?
The Fair Trade Kazuri jewellery are made of ceramic. They are handmade and hand painted in Kenya. For more information, you can consult this complete and interesting article (in French) available on www.jeworld.org site.